eyelash extension

Transform your eyes today with longer, thicker, curlier and sexier eye lashes from Vanity. Lash extensions are meticulously applied one-by-one and bonded by medical-grade adhesive by one of Vanity’s experienced and CERTIFIED specialists.


There are many who offer “eyebrow threading”, “eyebrow waxing”, or “eyebrow shaping” services. We at VANITY begin with an analysis of the shape of your face. You see, everyone is unique. Your bone structure is different from anyone else.

With 3D microblading eyebrows, you will have permanent eyebrow hair strokes that when healed,  are arranged in a perfect shape all the time.
                            your Microblading session + touch-up session.
The AAM American Academy of Micro pigmentation defines microblading as a procedure that creates 3D eyebrow embroidery, 3D hair stroke eyebrows, or feather stroke eyebrows.